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It’s been so long since I took an outfit shot in Lolita that it seems I’ve lost the ability to do anything of use with my expression.
So here, have some Resting Bitch Face in the knowledge that I am, in fact, feeling very cheerful in these pictures.

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eleven being cute while trying to sing along without knowing the words

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This is the single best Ask Amy response I’ve ever read

i love it when people who do shit things write in asks to validate their shittiness and it backfires. It feeds me


Marie Antoinette - 2006








a lake in montana whose water is so clear it appears shallow, when really its over 100 feet deep!

this is actually kinda terrifying because what if someone doesn’t know how deep it is, so they go diving and try to swim to the bottom, but they always seem just out of reach, so they just keep swimming… and when they realize something’s wrong it’s too late

Imagine seeing a body at the bottom….

tumblr has the ability to turn everything beautiful into something terrifying 

What if you see a skeleton at the bottom of what appears to be a shallow part of the lake. As you dive down to check them out you notice the water is deeper than you originally thought. Much deeper. You come to realize that there is no way these remains could be human, you’re not even half-way down and already the skull already looks bigger than your car

This started so tranquil and then it turned into Friday the 13th

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I got this pattern for the sake of that JACKET! 

And all I could think of was Tray

I almost bought that pattern but they didn’t have it in my size D:

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Simple sunday outfit for SMASH 2014! I decided to steal Elliot’s flats instead of my regular bordeaux heels, so I could run around and shoot easier… Finally got a bordeaux blouse from IW, but it’s cotton not chiffon, and the sleeves are pretty short on my arms as you can see @_@ But bordeaux!

Blouse, OTKs: IW
JSK, Headbow: AatP



Tom Hiddleston does the ice bucket challenge (x)

I prayed he would do it wearing a white shirt.

He did not disappoint.

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